Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well I'm back to talk about potty training. Since my son is now 2 1/2 I figured we should try again and see what happens. He seemed to be getting a little more uncomfortable when wearing wet diapers plus in 6 months he needs to be potty trained to move up to the next room at his day care. So, here's whats happened so far:

I picked up his potty chair from my parents house on Sunday having the intention of starting this process the following weekend. But not too long after we got it home he told me he wanted to go potty so I figured I might as well get used to the dry runs and just let him sit on it. Right away he started peeing! I couldn't believe it! So I made a potty chart and put a sticker on that day and let him pick out 3 pieces of chocolate candy. (He was pretty happy about that). I made quite a big deal about the whole thing in hopes that this success would continue. I took him back to the potty every hour to no avail. He would just pee right in his pull up afterwards...

Day 2:
I took a stack of pull ups to day care and told them to really start working with him on potty training. (Until now they just change him every couple hours and give him the option to sit on the potty. He usually wants to but has only actually gone in the potty once). So they told me they would take him in there every 15-30 minutes. I had high hopes going in to pick him up that night but his teacher told me that he didn't go once. She suggested bringing in underwear next time. She said it really bothers some kids to be wet so maybe that would work better. At home that night, when I told him it was time to potty he seemed upset and told me he didn't want to go. I tried not to push it and when he did finally sit, nothing happened.

Day 3: (Today)
At day care, they put the underwear over the pull ups to try to get him used to waering it, in the morning. Then after his nap they just let him wear the underwear. Towards the end of the day he peed in the potty! He missed a little and got some on his pants but who cares! Since the underwear seemed to be a success I just left them on him when we got home. As soon as we got settled I told him that we should try going. He stood in the bathroom refusing...and then he started peeing. UGH! OK, no biggie. Accidents happen. So I changed him and we ate dinner. Then at bath time...he pooped. Scooping poop out of bath water is not my idea of fun. And two cold naked kids running around my room while I'm trying to clean it up...UGH! So I gave it one last attempt about an hour later right before bed time. He didn't want to sit but I convinced him and after a few rounds of "twinkle twinkle little star" he went potty!

So he has 2 stickers on his potty chart and got 3 more pieces of chocolate right before bed time. If anything is going to motivate this kid to use the potty, its chocolate.

So, its just the beginning of this huge process but its starting out way better then the last time. And if you are still reading by this point even after me using the words "pee", "poop" and "potty" so many times, thank you:) And I will keep you posted.

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Cassy said...

Good luck with it! Rayne was kinda a nightmare to potty train (so not looking forward to doing that again), but Thomas seems to be making progress so that's great! Don't worry, you'll both get through it :)